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  • 100 m2 studio-atelier with balcony and garden, equipped with Canon IPF printers

  • Cruse scanner

  • Hasselblad scanner

  • expert support in FineArt printing, including technical assistants, tools and machines

  • water, tea, coffee as much as you like

  • an apartment nearby (16 minutes on foot through three parks)

  • 3 Residencies

    • 01.07. - 14.07.

    • 29.07. - 11.08.

    • 19.08. - 01.09.


  • 167 m2 Studio Atelier

  • Contact with numerous artists in the network of the studio house

  • Room in an artists' shared apartment in Munich-Thalkirchen (20 minutes by bike, 25 minutes by bus/train), with balcony and garden, close to the Isar River

  • Public transportation ticket and a bicycle

  • Travel expenses to Munich (one way)

  • Per diem based on the Federal Travel Expenses Act

  • 1 Residency

    • 01.06. - 21.06.

In addition

  • Paper, paper, paper (Hahnemühle FineArt papers)

  • Terrace, garden, outdoor spaces

  • Participation in group exhibitions of the residencies, alongside other artists from former residencies.

We give the artists a studio (in addition there is a digital interface with high-end technology in the form of 3 Canon IPF large format printers and the finest hardware in Berlin).

You are completely free to decide whether you want to draw with the papers, or print, tear or cut them up, weave them, burn them, eat them, sculpt them.... - everything is possible.

In Munich we offer the pure studio without technique, and of course Hahnemühle paper.

We want to inspire creative minds and let them draw on the full potential of the material.
A total of four residencies of two weeks each will be awarded.

Open Call


February 2018

The preparatory phase for the residences project commenced in February 2018. Fueled by our own appreciation for paper, we were motivated to inspire others to explore the potential of this versatile material.

The residencies aim to enhance public awareness of fine art paper and fine art prints as products, contributing to a broader appreciation of the fine arts.

The FineArt-Print

FineArt print boasts compelling advantages, including archival stability, sustainability of raw materials, tactile pleasure, brilliance in print results, and, not least, a versatile range of possibilities for three-dimensional processing. This is achieved through a broad selection of grammages and paper compositions.


Right from the start, our ideas and visions met with interest and willingness.

We set up a richly equipped residency from the outset, the aim of which is to allow the artists to draw from the full and provide them with ample quantities of paper.


This year's residencies -themed 'Transformation'- target visual artists with prior experience in sculptural paper work or those with a clear idea or concept for their paper projects. The objective of these residencies is to encourage visual artists to explore paper in a completely free and experimental manner

The Fine Art Print Specialists (manufactory in Berlin) is the initiator of the residences.

Hahnemühle has supported the residences from the very beginning

Canon Germany

The residences are also supported by Canon right from the start.

Since 2019, the residencies have been held in cooperation with Werksviertel-Mitte Kunst in Munich.

Paper Residency!

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