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The Residencies

We offer:

  - 2 weeks of inspiration
 - 100 m2 Studio-Atelier equipped with a balcony, garden, and Canon IPF printers in Berlin.
 - professional supervision in the field of Fine Art Printing, plus technical assistance
 - 167 m2 Studio-Atelier in Munich
 - Paper, Paper, Paper (Hahnemühle FineArt-Papers)
 - a place to stay close to the studio

In Februar 2018, the preparation phase of the summer residency project began.

Driven by our excitement for paper, we try to ignite the same feeling in others.  

The aim of the residency is to bring Fine Art Paper into the public eye as both a product and print, and to build its recognition in the visual arts.

The Fine Art Print is an excellent choice, because of: archival stability, sustainability of the raw materials, haptic pleasure, brilliance of the print results, and last but not least, various possibilities for three-dimensional processing with a wide range of thicknesses and paper compositions.

From the very beginning we've combined our ideas and visions together with curiosity and willingness. 

We installed a residency that is richly equipped, with the goal of providing artists with ample amounts of paper.

The summer residency with the theme: Paper – Light – Shadow, is aimed at visual artists who either already have experience with paper sculpturally, or who have an idea of what they would like to do with paper. The goal of the residencies is to inspire visual artists to work freely and experimentally with paper. 


We offer the artists a Studio (in Berlin there is also a digital interface with high-end technology in the form of three Canon IPF Large Format printers, as well as the finest hardware; in Munich we offer artists a large minimalist studio without technology), and of course, Hahnemühle paper, paper, paper.

It's totally up to the artist if they want to use paper to draw, print, tearing, cut, braid, burn, sculpt, or eat as potential working methods... - every possibility is open..

We want to inspire the creative minds of our artists by letting them pull ideas from our vast range of materials.


All together, four artists will be selected for the residency and each will have a two week timeframe.

The application PDFSs in either German or English can be found here.

The Summer Residency in cooperation with


Canon Deutschland

The residencies have been supported by Canon from the beginning.



Hahnemühle has also been supporters from the start.


Whitebox.Art  in Munich has been a cooperation partner since the summer residencies 2019.



The specialists in Fine Art Printing (Manufacturer in Berlin) initiated the summer residency d'mage.


Phone: +49 30 54738281




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You can find videos from past residencies our Youtube Channel